Story Of Change

25,000 Trained To Fish ‘Inland’: How One Jharkhand Man Created a Food Revolution

“Through Jaljeevika, we have taught fish farmers how to make fishing tools […]
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They transform the lives of the marginalised

Centre for Aquatic Livelihood — Jaljeevika: CAL — Jaljeevika, a Pune-based NGO, offers […]
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Meet the social entrepreneur who is revolutionising the Indian inland fisheries industry

To date, Jaljeevika has been creating employment for over 5000 people across […]
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Jaljeevika Is Revolutionizing Inland Fisheries And Generating Jobs For The Poor

Ever wondered how the smoking fish tikka ended up on your plate? […]
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How Andhra Fisherfolk Netted Gains From Inland Fisheries

A growing population and increased fish consumption have put a burden on […]
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